How To Stay Low-Key

I have been pretty much low-key all my life and I didn’t realize it until one of my friends asked me a question which later prompted me to write this post.

First, what exactly does ‘low-key’ mean?

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, Low-key means “quiet and relaxed; not very forceful, emotional or noticeable. Just like everything else, the word low-key could mean different things to different people, but for me and in this context, a person who is low-key is usually chill at all times, shiny but not in the spotlight; and always subtle and modest. For example, if Tamia says “Katie has been pretty low-key these days….” For the most part, it means that Katie has been quiet and very focused (on something that Tamia probably knows nothing about), it also means that Katie has been scarce and has been keeping to herself a lot more lately.

Whether staying low-key is a good thing or a bad thing is totally up to you to decide; but know that the word “low-key” has mostly always been used as a positive connotation while describing a person.

Now that you understand exactly what staying low key means, let’s move.

Why you should stay low-key…

1. A private life is a happy life.

2. It diminishes drama and keeps you at peace.

3. When you stay low-key, you run out of fucks to give.

4. It allows you to get more creative.

5. says that a woman who retains a sense of mystery, doesn’t engage in gossip, quietly progresses and does her thing without the need for or intention of an audience is REALLY attractive.

6. It gives you a wider chance at self-love

7. Less is more.

How to stay low-key…

How To Stay Low-key & Happy
1. Stay out of drama:

Even your most chill and laid back friend somehow loves drama; but what distinguishes the low-key person from other persons, is that they are always spectators and never participators in dramatic situations. Therefore, in order for you to stay low-key, you have to disengage from drama and chaos. Specifically, and for your own good, dissociate from anything that would cost you your peace.
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2. Stop telling too much about yourself:

One thing you have to know is that not every person stays completely low-key. Someone who seems low-key to you could actually be ‘high-key’ in the midst of some other persons. Think of your really super chill friend who is ‘high-key’ in your midst; How much do you know about him or her? – Not very much, I guess. That is because, despite the fact that they are noticeable and loud around you, they still never give out much information about themselves. What are they planning, What are they working on, What is their next big move ??? – You just don’t know for sure. Stop divulging too much information about yourself and learn to keep your affairs discreet.
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3. Stay on your lane:

This does not mean that you should cut ties with friends or be anti-social. It means that you should be focused on yourself (in a really good way), and keep out of other people’s businesses. When you are well focused on yourself, you’ll do everything to improve yourself, and this includes making clear goals and trying hard to achieve them. Keep out of other people’s businesses by avoiding rumors, small talk, gossip and conversations that revolves around other people.

4. Keep your circle small:

In order to successfully stay low-key, your circle has to be small and as quiet as possible. This is because, you would find it difficult to stay low-key if the people you surround yourself with are loud and always in the spotlight.

5. Keep it private on social media:

I don’t mean that you should stop posting on social media – No. Actually, you can post on social media all day long without divulging anything personal that you do not want other people to know. Remember, be discreet.
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6. Be yourself:

First off, I hope that you are not trying to stay low-key because you’re trying to be like someone else. If that’s the case then snap out of it. 

Be who you really are; be confident & be care free. Know that there is no better version of you than the original you.

Own your style, your personality, your thoughts and everything else that concerns you. If being low-key does not fit into your description, then fuck it. Be loud and ‘high-key’ in the sweetest way ever.

Feel free to share your own tips on how to stay low-key.

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